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Lowcountry CAA Head Start/Early Head Start has joined 4OLA Tele-Health Services as a Partner, and makes a fundamental commitment to proactively protect the health of children through an ongoing screening and monitoring process aiding children in becoming and/or continuing to be School Ready. We believe that a county-wide comprehensive services approach will help us enhance our families’ health and aid in improving the longevity of our community for future generations. In partnership with 4OLA Tele-Health Services, we will: 
• Measure and track children through a comprehensive health screenings and/or exams (vision, hearing, physical examinations, and/or speech services) to ensure children meet the 45-day and 90-day Head Start Health Services requirements 
• Develop and implement a plan consistent with Head Start Program Performance Standards 
• Help spread the word about the importance of proactive health services for preschool aged children (0-5) years of age
• Offer Tele-Health services at designated locations that services both children and staff
We understand that our commitment to measure, track, and improve our approach to proactive health service is key for our organization, as this approach and vision for service is supported by the resources and tools offered through 4OLA Tele-Health Services. In addition, we will share recognition with 4OLA Tele-Health Services on our respective web sites as Partners. 


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Sign up today to register for our new Teleheath program.  After filling out our registration form above, one of our caring staff members will contact you in the next 24-48 hours.  They will patiently guide you through the next steps.  We look forward to talking to you soon.


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